Thursday, July 2, 2015

ISIS Destroys Palmyra Artefacts

ISIS Destroys Palmyra Artefacts.

ISIS barbarian kneels to destroy 2000 year old Statue in Palmyra, Syria.

In what the UNESCO are calling 'Cultural Cleansing' ISIS is continuing to destroy Syrian artefacts, this time in the ancient city of Palmyra. While we watch thousands of years of history get destroyed by ISIS barbarians, we should remember how we got here. In 2011 the US destabilised Syria by backing the muslim brotherhood and alQaeda linked insurrection, just enough that it would cause a protracted war. Without the US intervention, non of this would have happened.

What ISIS is doing in Palmyra is much deeper than broken Statues in the desert, and in fact is part of the US's plan to balkanise and dissolve the Syrian and Iraqi Nation states. By destroying these ancient artefacts in the city of palmyra and earlier nimrod old artefacts, ISIS are wiping out any tangible evidence of Syrian and Iraqi ancient civilisations and national identity.

But ISIS are just tools in this endeavour and in fact the systematic destruction of middle eastern artefacts was happening before ISIS even existed. The Taliban who the US supported into power in Afghanistan destroyed the ancient Buddha statues The looting of Baghdad museums at the start of the Iraq war in 2003 is an example of this. Many of Iraq's artefacts ended up in new York and Israel. Before ISIS was even a presence in the Syrian crisis the US backed FSA were digging up archeological sites and selling artefacts for guns. Jabhat al nusra was busy wiping out historical sites well before ISIS became a presence. But perhaps the Syrian content within Jabhat Al Nusa caused some of them to have a semblance of a conscience left, which prevented them from the extent of the destruction that ISIS has been responsible for. Perhaps that's why ISIS was needed by the powers who want to balkanise Syria.

Even Statues aren't safe from ISIS beheadings.

ISIS shares the US's destain for middle eastern nationalism. Furthermore Islam forbids Idolatry, and in ISIS extremist mind that translates as 'statues are forbidden', even though no body worshiped these statues in Palmyra. That doesn't explain why they destroyed walls and buildings in Nimurd, does the site of a pre-islamic civilisation offend them or do they get their orders from above?

Does this sound far fetched? In response to ISIS destruction of Palmyra, US think tank Middle east Briefing mention an idea to dissolve Iraq and Syria. In order to break a part a country, you have to first dismantle its national identity, and our history is a key to this identity. This plan was laid out by Condoleezza Rice in the project for a new middle east. By destroying or simply removing artefacts from Iraq and Syria they destroy any tangible evidence our civilisation even existed. It is then far easier to deny the history ever happened, or at least detach that history from current Iraq and Syria. They hope the world will forget its existence as difficult as that sounds to do. But the history of 'cultural marxism was' removed form wikipedia last month in response to GamerGate .The history of our civilisation is being memory holed. They don't just want to destroy us, they want to destroy any evidence that we ever existed, and ISIS is but a tool in this endeavour.


  1. Please tell me Ms. Susli that this did not actually happen and the real statues are still intact and undamaged. I saw this article and hoped against all odds that those precious artifacts are undamaged and one day may resurface. Here's the link:

  2. They did that to my ancestors five hundred years ago and today we are illegals on our homeland in occupied Mexico also known as the American south west. The Spanish killed more people than Hitler, Stalin and these so called terrorist groups combined. To see it happening today shows history repeating itself and the same perpetrators are behind it.

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