Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weapons for Syrian Rebels intercepted

A shipment of weapons and artillery was intercepted by the Lebanese Navy as the ship was on route to Syrian rebels on April 28 2012.

Lebanese authorities have confiscated three shipping containers of weapons and ammunition to supply Syrian opposition forces in the ongoing slaughter of civillians. It contained heavy machine guns, artillery shells, rocket launchers and other explosives. The repeated claims made by the Syrian government about the smuggling of weapons to Syrian opposition groups as the FSA are confirmed by this interception yet again.

A total of eleven crew members from the Luftfallah II have been detained for questioning. Further research revealed the ship was registered in Sierra Leone, but departed from Lybia to its final destination in the city of Tripoli, northern Lebanon. Via the Syrian border the weapons are being dispersed into the hands of rebels to destabilize the country, risking further military intervention by the U.N. and NATO wich have been consistently focusing on the Assad regime as the sole perpetrator in the agression against the Syrian people.

As international authorities continue to apply pressure on the Syrian government to stand down during the ceasefire proposed by Kofi Annan and the U.N. Council, the Syrian people are still fearing for their lives against the random killings perpetrated by the armed rebels that remain active in Syria.

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