1. I am producer for Douglas Dietrich, on Revolution Radio on We would be delighted to have you on the air to tell our listening audience this! Yours is very like unto Douglas' own analysis. Critical Omissions airs on Tuesday night, 10 PM to Midnight, Eastern time. Firing Lines airs Saturday night in the same time slot. Studio A.

  2. Dear Ms Susli
    I am writing on behalf of the British National party (
    We support the fine work you are doing and stand with the honourable Syrian people in their struggle.
    In fact our former chairman and Member of European parliament, Nick Griffin, visited Syria as a guest of President Assad's to pledge his solidarity and help prevent the invasion of your country.
    Mr Griffin drafted a letter to each of our 650 MPs demanding Britain honour Syria's national sovereignty and was successful.
    Our current spokesman, Jack Sen, recently watched your video on the true motivation behind the internationalist media’s preoccupation wit the migrant crisis and would love to interview you for our television channel.
    This interview can be performed on SKYPE or in person.
    If you’re interested in working with us on a project, please feel free to write to Jack directly on
    Yours truly,
    BNPTV Producer, David Kennedy

  3. I just wanna suck your toes and worship your bare soles until I'm sticky.


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